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Medical-Legal Services:

​My recognized medical expertise (and published medical research) qualifies me as an expert in a variety of medical-legal contexts.  Beyond providing trial testimony, I routinely draft expert reports for litigation (e.g., independent medical evaluations) and perform physical examinations of litigants.  Among other things, I am also able to provide the following insight and materials: 

  • Affidavit of Merit

  • Independent Medical Examinations (Locally and out-of-state)

  • Medical Records Review

  • Expert Opinion Reports

  • Second Opinions

  • Rebuttal Opinions

  • Narrative Reports

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Liability Determinations

  • Life Care Plans ("LCPs")

  • Critical Review of LCPs

  • Future Medical/Rehabilitation Needs and Costs

  • Diagnosis Opinions

Available to travel nationwide and internationally.  Hourly rate(s) and references available upon request.

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